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Silo design

Avoid or fight silo problems with a good design

To prevent flow problems, bridging, segregation and other possible problems silo design is necessary. The basis for the design of a silo is the most economical case: gravity flow.

Flow pattern and bridging
The two main aspects in silo design are: flow pattern and bridging. The first depends mainly on the angle, shape of, and the wall friction in the hopper. Bridging is strongly dependent on the product itself and the conditions, but is also influenced by wall and internal friction, and hopper angle and shape.

After measurement of the product properties the applicable hopper angle and opening diameter can be determined. Even if a 'simple' silo appears not to be possible, the design gives this information. From the measurements a lot of information can be derived about special measures to take.

For a more detailed explanation see the article silo design.

Gravity flow is the most economical design




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