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Equipment choice

Indepedent advice for selection of bulk solids equipment

Compared to fluids and gases, bulk solids yield much more problems in processes. That is why it is important to select the right equipment. BSE can help you decide which equipment that is.

Unique production process
On the market alls kinds of equipment are adviced as best for your situation, mostly supported by references of comparable products or situations. However, the combination of your process and product is unique. Sometimes the equipment appears unsuitable for your situation. And even if it works, other equipment might have been better and cheaper.

Equipment for bulk solids must not only be suitable, it must also be efficient. That is why BSE bases the selection of equipment on the knowledge of the behaviour and relevant properties of the product.

Sometimes suppliers cannot realize the garantee on proper functioning of the installation. Also for you a wrong choice can become expensive, for example through delay of production.
And because BSE is independent from suppliers, you can be sure that only your interest comes first.

Flakes are poor flowing products




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