Measurement of properties

Characterisation and control of bulk solid properties

Measurement of properties, Characterisation and control of bulk solid properties

BSE has equipment to measure the properties of bulk materials. For silo design, qualitative comparison or checking of phenomena occurring in practice.

Jenike shear cell

The Jenike shear cell is used to measure the flow properties for silo design. For existing silos, it provides data on whether, and how, the silo can be improved. See document Bulk technology.

Comparitative measurements

BSE has several testers available with which a qualitative measurement can be carried out. In this way, an impression of the flow behaviour can be obtained without having to go through the time-consuming shear cell test procedure.


There are many different properties and influences. It is important to perform the right measurements and tests for a given situation. Once we have that clear, we come up with a proposal.

See below for a list of BSE equipment and what it can determine.



Laboratory equipment

Equipment available to BSE for bulk solid measurements

BSE owns the equipment to determine the properties of bulk solids for silo design, comparison or control over phenomena occuring in practise.

Jenike Shear Cell

Determination of characteristic bulk properties such as internal friction and flow function.
* determination of flow pattern.
* calculation mass flow angle of hopper.
* avoiding arching and bridging.
* calculation of stress reduction in silos.
* comparison of bulk properties.
* consideration of storage conditions.

Shear Cell and Time Consolidation Bench

Determination of the influence of time on the mechanical properties.
* bridging properties after long periods of storage.

Shear Cell and Wall Materials

Determination of the wall friction.
* obtaining mass flow, through coating or lining.
* avoiding build-ups caused by adhesion.
* testing of wear-resistant materials.

Fluidisation Column

Determination of aeration properties.
* application of aeration-pads, air injection, etc.

Permeability Tester

Determination of bulk solid permeability.
* deaeration rate in a silo.
* application of air slides, etc.

Indicizer Test

Comparison of bridging properties.
* applicable to product comparison.

Moisture Content Tester

Determination of the moisture percentage.

Tap Density Tester

Determination of the settling rate.
* classification of products.

Chute Angle Tester

Determination of flow angle, possible for different wall materials.
* required flow angle for chutes, etc.

Angle of Repose Tester

Determination of the angle of repose.
* belt conveyors.
* flat bottom bins.

Model Silos

BSE has its disposal round and rectangular model silos with adjustable hopper angles.
* small quantity applications.
* determination of flow pattern.