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Solving bulk solid problems by knowledge of properties

Even when the share of bulk solids in your process is small, or the investments in equipment not so big, bulk solid problems can be a major cost. Problems such as bridging, flooding or segregation can cost you a lot of time or money.

Bulk solid problems
Some of the problems occuring in practise are: no flow, arching, bridging; segregation, de-mixing; quaking silo's; uneven feeding, flooding; ageing, decay or clogging. These problems are due to the properties of the bulk solid itself (cohesion, internal friction), the interaction with the installation (wall friction, flow pattern) or the surrounding conditions (period of standstill, temperature, moisture, etc).

Measurement of properties
BSE owns the equipment to determine the properties of bulk solids, and has a lot of experience with a range of problems occuring in the handling of bulk solids. With this we can analyse problems and come up with effective measures.

After analysing the problems and influences, and possibly measuring flow properties, suggestions will be done to change the installation or conditions.

The cause of problems is not visible from the outside.




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